BIM_SIG_037 Architect Special Interest Group January 2014 (am)

This session carried on the project with the 3 buildings on the site. In this session we looked at site modeling, hardscapes and roading. We also looked at the Landmark workspace to see if there are tools that would suit architects.

Topics covered:

  • Editing the site using a road, what are the main things to think about when using a road as a site modifier
  • using the Designer workspace, what tools are new (plant tool, hardscape tool)
  • quick introduction to the Plant tool
  • Existing Tree tool
  • VBVisual Plant tool (available in Architect)
  • placing a┬áVBVisual Plant on a site
  • using Send to surface to get the plant to the site model
  • quick introduction to the Hardscape tool using the Rotated Plan to change the view, and the “B” key to help see through the model
  • how to create a hardscape area without the Hardscape tool, by using a Floor object and a site modifier
  • using the Hardscape as a site modifier, and then editing the hardscape, it automatically updates the site modifier
  • when using the floor object, you have to edit the Floor and the site modifier (two parts)
  • hardscape objects and Floor objects are designed to be flat (no sloping)
  • drawing a polygon and sending it to the surface of the site model, so that it follows the surface of the site model
  • turning the polygon into a site modifier
  • editing the individual vertices of the 3D polygon
  • using the polygon technique to make another site modifier for a driveway
  • breaking the driveway up into parts

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    I’m getting the ‘Stream not found null’ on this video when I try to play it.

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