• Landscape Special Interest Group December 2018

    In this session, we talked about using and editing preformatted reports, how Vectorworks 2019 uses object styles for plants, and working with plant records in the new Plant Database.

  • Landscape Special Interest Group March 2018 pm

      In this session, we covered the VBvisual Plant tool and how to visualize plants, whether by using a VBvisual plant, an image prop, or something created with the Existing Tree tool.

  • Landscape Special Interest Group March 2018 am

    In this session, we covered how using plant sizes from the Plant Definition can affect your work flow differently than using a custom plant size, constructed a pergola with framing members, made a mono-pitch roof for the pergola, and set up a Framing Member report for our pergola.

  • Landscape Special Interest Group February 2018 am

    In this session, we covered how to prevent plants from rising to the surface of a site model, options for creating flat surfaces in landscapes, and options for vehicle turning circles.

  • Landscape Special Interest Group May 2017 am

    In this session, we looked at creating a plant, connecting the plant to the plants database, creating a new plant in the database, creating a plant report, controlling how the plant report finds the plants, and controlling the slope of a hardscape object.

  • Landscape Special Interest Group April (pm) 2017

    In this session, we looked at retaining walls again. We used a site modifier in contour mode to create a straight retaining wall. We then adjusted the grade limits to change the retaining wall into a battered slope between the two levels of the garden, adding rocks, steps, and a…

  • 1702_02 – Creating Drawings for A Landscape Project – Intermediate Topics

    The previous section was all about beginner topics, which everyone should know. This section is all about the intermediate topics that you will need to know in order to create your drawings from the 3D model. This section will be about how the 3D parts of the design work.

  • Landscape Special Interest Group March (am) 2017

    In this session we looked at landscape areas, pricing landscape areas, creating our plants, and how to create existing plants (particular focusing on the textures).

  • epodcast193 – Plants and Row Spacing

    Vectorworks 2017 introduced a change to the plant spacing. in the past your plant spacing was a specific number and that was it. Now, plant spacing can be a specific number or it can be “Best Fit.” The idea of best fit is that Vectorworks will try to put as…