Landscape Special Interest Group December 2018

In this session, we talked about using and editing preformatted reports, how Vectorworks 2019 uses object styles for plants, and working with plant records in the new Plant Database.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:10   We started by looking at how to make a Comments field in a preformatted report work how you think it should. I’m not a fan of using preformatted reports, but I do like to start with one that most closely resembles what I’d like to accomplish and revise it. Then, I save it in my library so that next time I can start off with the revised report and save myself a lot of time. The Comment column in the preformatted report seemed to report a notes field, but further sleuthing didn’t reveal any notes field in the dialogue boxes for landscape areas or plants. We went through the steps to add our own defined notes area that we could report through the Comments column. It wasn’t what we had been hoping for from Vectorworks, but we got what we needed in the end. A small amount of work can give you a report that you like! We demonstrated how to add the revised report to your favorites.
  • 20:20   Plants in Vectorworks 2019 are treated as objects with object styles. Instead of editing the plant’s Definition, you now edit its Style. Many of the dialogue box items are the same, but some have been moved around and some are new, such as the Plant Style Name setting.
  • 27:06   We finished the session by covering some of the changes that show up in the new Plant Database in Vectorworks 2019. There are preloaded catalogs, but you can add to the catalog. We discussed adding a new plant, or how to grab an existing plant record and edit it to fit your needs. If you have a supplier that you like, you can also add their catalog to the Plant Database!

Landscape December 2018 pm

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