BIM_SIG_035 Architect Special Interest Group December 2013

Continuing on from the Special Interest Group 033, were now starting to take our project into the conceptual design drawings for a single unit. You have a choice – you can create your drawings in a separate file (the referenced house file) or you can use the combined site plan model to create your conceptual drawings.

Topics Covered:

  • Publish command
  • converting a PDF to greyscale using Preview
  • finding a 3D symbol of a wheelchair
  • importing a Sketchup model
  • finding a better Sketchup file to import
  • importing a Sketchup file
  • drag a copy of a referenced viewport
  • editing a referenced file
  • updating referenced viewports
  • editing the height of the referenced viewport
  • changing the zoom lines in a Snap Loupe
  • creating a site modifier for foundations
  • editing the site modifier
  • save the rotated plan view
  • changing the elevation of the site modifier
  • creating a plan viewport
  • creating a sheet layer
  • changing the scale of the viewport
  • using a plan viewport to create section viewports
  • editing the settings of the section viewport
  • placing a camera view
  • fine tune camera view
  • using a camera to create a viewport
  • duplicating a camera viewport and editing it to create a new view
  • controlling section line instances

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  1. Please put a fast-forward button on your movies. It’s not always possible to watch the whole movie in one sitting so would prefer not to have to go through it again. Dragging the button doesn’t work.

      1. This is what does not work. I drag it but it snaps back to almost where it was. I have to do it again and again and again in order to end up where I want to be.

        1. You’re quite right,it does snapback almost to where it was, until more of the movie has been downloaded. Once the movie is fully downloaded you should be able to drag the play head back and forth.

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