• Sections

    Sections are a vital part of creating drawings. Vectorworks has tools and commands to create, control, and edit section viewports. In this workshop, we looked at what a section is, how to create sections (using a few different methods), and finally how to control the visibility of objects in front…

  • Architect Special Interest Group July 2018 (am)

    In this session, we demonstrated creating Interior Elevation viewports and how to control them, as well as working with Foreground and Background Rendering settings and other viewport tips.

  • Architect Special Interest Group June 2018 (am)

    In this session, we looked at reusing sections for details and we demonstrated the pros and cons of already made 2D details versus hybrid details that combine a live 3D section view with added 2D components.

  • SST_1710 – What’s New In Vectorworks 2018

    Introduction It is common at this time of the year to look at the added features and benefits of the new Vectorworks release, so that’s what we’re doing in this manual. Following along from other years, there is a table that shows the new features and benefits of the new Vectorworks….

  • Landscape Special Interest Group August 2017 pm

    In this session, we constructed a shed, giving particular attention to the detailing—joists, bearers, piles, ridge beam, rafters, purlins, and roof lining.

  • Architect Special Interest Group April 2017 (am)

    In this session, we looked at three main topics. We looked at different types of symbols, how to control the graphic style of symbols, and how to create a section viewport that uses two-point perspective.

  • 1704_03 – Creating Drawings For A Building Project – Advanced Topics

    The advanced topics cover section viewports again, focusing on how to get the detail of the building accurately described in the section, employing sections to create details and internal room elevations, and using the Marker tools to link viewports together.

  • 1704_02 – Creating Drawings For A Building Project – Intermediate Topics

    The intermediate concepts cover section viewports, creating standard viewports, and creating multiple viewpoints. These concepts assume that you understand design layers and classes. There will be more detail about section viewports in the advanced topics.

  • Architect Special Interest Group January 2017 (am)

    In this session we looked at creating an exploded view of a project, we looked at strategies for creating roofing options, and a discussion about textures (where you want to the same style of texture but with different colours).