Architect Special Interest Group January 2017 (am)

In this session we looked at creating an exploded view of a project, we looked at strategies for creating roofing options, and a discussion about textures (where you want to the same style of texture but with different colours).

Topics covered:

  • 00:49   starting with an existing file, we created a new design layer so that we could create a series of design layer viewports. Each viewport could be used to show one of the floor layers, and if you stack the design layer viewports, you can create an exploded view of the project.
  • 03:44    but if you wanted to take a part of the project, like a part of the facade, then the design layer viewport method will not work. Instead, you could use a series of section viewports, but you have to be careful to ensure that the section settings are edited so that you can capture just the area that you want. You can use two section viewports to separate the facade from the rest of the building. You can use automatic working planes to draw lines in 3D to show the facade fitting on to the rest of the project.
  • 13:11    in this part of the movie we looked at a project that might need 3 different roof forms. We had a long discussion about the best way to separate the different options, because you could use groups, layers, or classes to separate the options. We discussed the advantages of the different methods, but it seems that there is no magic solution, but the best method for you depends on your project and the way that you like to work. For many projects classes work really well, for more complex projects layers will be better.
  • 27:28   we looked at creating textures, especially looking at the way that you can make a single texture show with different colours, using the Attribute Color option.

Architect January 2017 am
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