• SST_1805 – Complex Roofs

    1805 – Complex Roofs I often find that the standard Vectorworks roof will not make the roof that I want. If you work on renovation projects, you will find that the standard Vectorworks roof will not be able to draw the final roof that you want, and sometimes you will…

  • Architect Special Interest Group November 2017 (am)

    In this session, we covered how to quickly add drainage to a parking area, combine two roofs together, add dormer windows or skylights, and use the various stair tools in Vectorworks, as well as discussing the advantages of using Vectorworks Cloud Services.

  • epodcast198 – Slab Drainage

    Vectorworks 2017 introduced Slab Drainage. There is a specific tool to use to create the drainage. This tool has several modes that allow you to add a drain, edit the location and direction, connect drains together, and edit the valleys. The slab drainage can change the entire slab, or it can…

  • Architect Special Interest Group January 2017 (am)

    In this session we looked at creating an exploded view of a project, we looked at strategies for creating roofing options, and a discussion about textures (where you want to the same style of texture but with different colours).

  • cadmovie_1608-01 – Roof Accessories – Part 1

    Creating A Roof – In this exercise we will be looking at how to create a standard roof and what the accessories mean. Later on we will look at each accessory in detail. I am going to start with a plan of my building drawn with walls. These walls already have the correct…

  • Interactive Workshops August 2016 (1608) – Roof Accesories

    Vectorworks has the ability to create roofs from polygons and walls, and it has the ability to automatically generate some roofs accessories, but not all the accessories that you might require. For example, Vectorworks will create roofs, facias, and soffits, but it will not create ridge flashings, barge flashings, barge…

  • Getting Started Special Interest Group August 2016

    in this session we looked at default content, where it’s stored and how you can save your favourite content to the correct location.

  • Vectorworks Tip 442 – Creating A Cutout In A Curved Roof

    Once you have the curved roof, you can use solid objects to cut holes in the roof. If you combine the solid objects first, then you can cut all the holes at the same time with one operation, using Subtract Solids.

  • Vectorworks Tip 439 – Creating a Curved Roof

    I used to create a curve roof using several components (roof face, extrusion, roof face). Recently, I’ve been using another technique to create my curve roof. The first step is to create a polyline with the inside shape that you want. This makes it easy to create the correct curve…

  • Architect Special Interest Group December 2015 (pm)

    Topics covered: roof accessories     0:00 framing member for roof flashing   0:48 creating new classes   1:37 extrude along path   3:10 align gutter to roof   4:42 editing roof style settings   6:19 editing gutter path   8:05 extrude along path for handrail   11:05 fitting fence to site…

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