• Knowledgebase Web Site

    You may be looking for new and updated information on this website. I have been trying to migrate all the information from this website to my knowledge base website. If you’re looking for the latest webinars, the recorded webinars, or updated manuals, please visit my knowledge base website. There is…

  • Interactive Workshops July 2020 – Space Objects

    Space objects are a powerful part of Vectorworks and they are an important conceptual model of BIM (Building Information Modeling). The space objects are not just a 2D or 3D object, they also carry information about the room name, the required area, the volume, finishing information, etc. Spaces in Vectorworks…

  • Landmark Special Interest Group May 2020

    In this session, we covered more about fences and railings, showed how converting objects to symbols or Auto Hybrids can help achieve the look that you want for your site—knowing a few tricks can get you a long way!

  • Architect Special Interest Group May 2020

    In this session, we demonstrated a method for creating exterior panels that you can easily line up with window and door openings, as well as covering how to create a class filter and how to duplicate styled windows for a job.

  • Getting Started Special Interest Group May 2020

    In this session, we worked with Record Formats, including how to create a new Record Format resource, how to create a worksheet that reports the records, and how to create a schedule from the reported records, as well as how to modify a data tag to work with our Record…

  • 3D Modeling Special Interest Group – May 2020

    In this session, we showed the benefits of using the Convert to Group command to solve problems with objects, demonstrated modeling custom windows, and constructed a curved glass awning.

  • Interactive Workshops May 2020 – Railing and Fences

    There are a couple of tools that can be used for railing and fencing, so we will look at the differences in the tools and look at the strategies for using them. Check out the knowledgebase article that goes with this session…

  • Interactive Workshops April 2020 – Site Modeling

    Site modeling should really be easier. I use simple strategies so that I can build a site model without too many problems. there are some dos and don’ts for site modeling. Provided that you do not break these rules, you should find modeling is reasonably straightforward. Site models take three-dimensional…

  • Architect Special Interest Group April 2020

    In this session, we demonstrated how to discover what the elevation is of any point on your site model, how to handle using a wall style with a framing component and using trusses, making cladding lines line up by using the Use World Z for Origin fix, creating exterior wall…

  • Getting Started Special Interest Group April 2020

    In this session, we discussed how to use the Create Roof command, including how to handle some complex roofs and roofing problems, covered the Publish command, along with noting revisions, and reviewed how to use Multiple View Panes.

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