Architect Special Interest Group May 2020

In this session, we demonstrated a method for creating exterior panels that you can easily line up with window and door openings, as well as covering how to create a class filter and how to duplicate styled windows for a job.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:58    Someone had exterior panels that they needed to line up with window and door openings, so we went step by step through my method that uses extrusions added to the outside of walls for the paneling or cladding. The crucial tool for this method is the Extract tool, which, because I use it so often, I have moved to my Basic tool set. We extracted the surface of the walls, extruded those, and then cut the window and door openings into our new panels. The trick for moving the panels is to look at the wall square-on and turn on the working plane and orthogonal projection. We used two types of panels on three sides of our structure and demonstrated how to add masonry blocks on the fourth wall. We added texture to the various materials and finished by mitering the corners of the paneling by using the Split tool. We discussed how to best accommodate changes in window sizes or door changes—it actually isn’t very time consuming to just redo all of the steps.
  • 30:01    We covered how to create a class filter that would give us just the classes needed to work on details. The Filter Definition is built using a combination of Class Name, Tags, and Visibility. I also have my Drawing Detail tools, which make it much faster to create parts of details and apply the graphic attributes of frequently used classes.
  • 39:30    We finished the session by covering how to create a styled window in WinDoor and then use it to duplicate all of the windows on a job. The action happens in the Copy and Apply Styles dialog box, but I like to pop a window in a wall, go through all of the steps, delete that first window, and only then start duplicating the styled windows that I need for my project.

Architect May 2020

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