• Interactive Workshops January 2020

    There are several techniques that I use to control and manage my drawings. In this article we will be covering saved views (including a brief look at layers and classes), controlling classes and layers in viewports, controlling visibilities on drawings, and multiple view panes.

  • Architect Special Interest Group Feb 2019

    In this session, we covered how to make a Clip Cube viewport from scratch and modify it, how to change the layout and linked data of a title block, and how to mark and reference sections. There is an introduction to clip cubes on the knowledgebase website

  • SST_1809 – Camera Match

    CameraMatch CameraMatch is a huge timesaver. First, CameraMatch saves the time that it would take you to model the existing surroundings. Second, CameraMatch saves you the time it would take to match your current view to a photograph. Many people think that they should only use CameraMatch for large projects….

  • Architect Special Interest Group July 2018 (am)

    In this session, we demonstrated creating Interior Elevation viewports and how to control them, as well as working with Foreground and Background Rendering settings and other viewport tips.

  • Architect Special Interest Group May 2018 (am)

    In this session, we covered attaching Record Formats to objects and using Data Visualization in a viewport to show some attribute that spans classes.

  • Architect Special Interest Group June 2017 (am)

    In this session, we looked at creating keynotes and legends with the Callout Tool, working with details, and how best to modify the shapes of simple details.

  • Architect Special Interest Group April 2017 (am)

    In this session, we looked at three main topics. We looked at different types of symbols, how to control the graphic style of symbols, and how to create a section viewport that uses two-point perspective.

  • 1702_01 – Creating Drawings for A Landscape Project – Introduction

    These are topics that are the foundations of creating drawings. Creating the information is nothing if you cannot organise it into drawings. To create drawings we use several concepts. These concepts include Design layers, Classes, Viewports, and Sheet Layers. These concepts are used in conjunction with each other to create…

  • SST_1702 – Creating Drawings For A Landscape Project

    When you create drawings, you need to use the concepts that are built into Vectorworks in order to make your drawings efficient. In this manual we will be looking at several concepts that we can use to speed up the creation of drawings, concepts such as Design Layers, Classes, Sheet…