SST_1702 – Creating Drawings For A Landscape Project

Cover ImageWhen you create drawings, you need to use the concepts that are built into Vectorworks in order to make your drawings efficient. In this manual we will be looking at several concepts that we can use to speed up the creation of drawings, concepts such as Design Layers, Classes, Sheet Layers, Viewports Site modeling, and BIM.

It is important to use these concepts because it allows you to create information and use it on several drawings. For example, if you are creating paving (using a hardscape object) you could use the same hardscape on the location plan, the site plan, a detailed hardscape in plan, and sections. If you needed to make a change to the paving, when you updated it on the design layer, it would update in all viewports. This makes it really efficient to create your drawings, but more importantly, it removes the ability to make mistakes.

In this manual we will be looking at these concepts and why they’re important. We will start off with basic techniques which will be the concepts of design layers, classes, viewports, and sheet layers.


    • Introduction
    • Beginner Topics
        • Design Layers
        • Classes
        • Controlling Visibility
        • Controlling Graphic Style
        • Scheduling and Reporting
        • Sheet Layers and Viewports
        • Viewports And Sheet Layers
      • Creating Drawings
    • Intermediate Topics
        • Site Model
        • Buildings
        • Plants
        • Symbols
        • Hardscapes
      • Fences
  • Advanced Topics
      • Section Viewports
      • Perspective Viewports
    • Linking Viewports
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