• Architect Special Interest Group June 2018 (am)

    In this session, we looked at reusing sections for details and we demonstrated the pros and cons of already made 2D details versus hybrid details that combine a live 3D section view with added 2D components.

  • SST_1801 – Title Block Borders and Drawing Management

    1801 Title Blocks and Document Issues Title blocks have undergone a major overhaul in Vectorworks 2018. The old Sheet Border tool has been completely replaced with a new Title Block Border tool and Drawing Issue command. The title blocks have been changed to use object styles, their layout is easier to change…

  • Vectorworks Tips 451 – Workflows 1

    Your workflow is the way that you work, the way that you move from one tool or technique to the next. Your way of working is probably a series of workflows. Take editing a viewport as an example. When you want to edit a viewport, you can right-click on it…

  • Architect Special Interest Group September 2017 (am)

    In this session, we discussed the new upgrade to Vectorworks 2018—should you upgrade right away or shouldn’t you?—and opened up an old project file in VW 2018 to see how it behaved. We also covered some tricks for working with dimensions, the new feature in VW2018 that allows you to…

  • Architect Special Interest Group August 2017 (am)

    In this session, we covered how to set the graphic style of various labels—such as Drawing Labels, Scale Bars, and Detail Callout Markers—and how to use the Curtain Wall tool to powerfully control curtain walls, which can be used for objects such as shop fronts, bay windows, and bookshelves.

  • Getting Started Special Interest Group July 2017

    In this session, we looked at how the Basic Tool set can help you to enhance your elevations and discussed how to use the Clip Cube to focus on a particular part of your project....

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  • Architect Special Interest Group June 2017 (am)

    In this session, we looked at creating keynotes and legends with the Callout Tool, working with details, and how best to modify the shapes of simple details.

  • 1704_03 – Creating Drawings For A Building Project – Advanced Topics

    The advanced topics cover section viewports again, focusing on how to get the detail of the building accurately described in the section, employing sections to create details and internal room elevations, and using the Marker tools to link viewports together.

  • 1704_02 – Creating Drawings For A Building Project – Intermediate Topics

    The intermediate concepts cover section viewports, creating standard viewports, and creating multiple viewpoints. These concepts assume that you understand design layers and classes. There will be more detail about section viewports in the advanced topics.

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