• epodcast201 – Viewport Editing Tips 1

    you should be using viewports to create your drawings. But when you do you might find that it is slow to go in and out of the viewports to edit the annotations. If you change the edit dialogue box for viewports, you can make it very quick to enter a…

  • Getting Started Special Interest Group February 2017

    In this session we looked at creating text, dimensions, and annotations. Should you put all of your text and annotations on the design layer or should they will go in the annotation part of the viewport. It’s a good idea to be consistent and it also depends on how you…

  • epodcast195 – Keeping Viewports Rendered

    When you open a file, you sometimes find that all the viewports need updating. This can be frustrating and time consuming. There are a few things you can try. You can enable the Viewport Cache or you can convert the viewports to bitmaps.

  • Interactive Workshops February 2017 – Creating Drawings for a Landscape Project

    In these sessions we looked at creating drawings for landscaping projects. These projects require that you use Design Layers, Classes, Sheet layers, and Viewports. This is similar to setting up drawings for any project. In these sessions we looked at when to use design layers and classes, how to create…

  • epodcast194 – Interactively Scaling a Viewport By Dragging

    You can’t change the scale of the viewport by interactively scaling it (using the selection tool  to drag the corner).  But you are allowed to do this to a group. If you make the viewport into a group, then you can  and interactively scale it.

  • Landscape Special Interest Group November (am) 2016

    In this session we continued with our Getting Started sessions for landscape. We looked at site models, site modifies, adding retaining walls, adding missing models and adding hardscape areas.

  • cadmovie_1610-11 – What’s New In Vectorworks 2017 – Part 11

    Drawing Labels and Numbers In Viewports – This might seem like a small thing, but it means that all of your view ports now follow the same strategy for having labels when you create them, and being able to edit the label name and number without having to enter the viewport.

  • cadmovie_1607-07 – From 2D To BIM – Part 7

    Creating Drawings – Now that we have some of the information, we can create drawings using viewports and sheet layers to show the live elevation from our model. You do not have to wait until the model is complete before you create your drawings. Viewports let you take a view of…

  • Landscape Special Interest Group July (am) 2016

    In this session we looked at modifying viewports, 3D textures, and creating callouts that use a database and legend. A large part of the session was not recorded because Jonathan mistakenly forgot to restart the recording at on point. The resulting movie is very short.

  • Architect Special Interest Group July 2016 (am)

    In this session we looked at adding special characters to text, creating sloping walls, techniques with viewports and batch rendering.

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