Architect Special Interest Group July 2016 (am)

In this session we looked at adding special characters to text, creating sloping walls, techniques with viewports and batch rendering.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:24    how to find the degree mark on a Windows machine using the Character Map.
  • 02:13    how to create a sloping wall (a wall that leans over) using multiple extrude, solid modelling, and auto hybrid.
  • 07:08    how to make an elevation viewport that shows two parts of the design, which you can do by splitting the viewport and adding a semiopaque object.
  • 12:53   creating a viewport that fades to white by using a gradient that goes from transparent to white. We also covered how to create and manipulate gradients using the attribute mapping tool.
  • 19:07    splitting a viewport and moving the section line through the building
  • 22:36    how to create a batch render job. How to set up the batch render job, how to start the batch render job, and how to find the rendered images.
  • 27:17    importing the batch render images into Vectorworks.
  • 32:18    creating a bay window using windoor or by creating extrusions. The most important part is to make sure that the object is a symbol for inserting in a wall.
  • 44:25    creating a roof truss object by drawing the elevation of the object using polygons, extruding it, then making it into an auto hybrid for repeating on the roof.

Architect July 2016 pm
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  1. The association of auto-hybrides objects for wall to non-regular forms and parametric objects such as the openings is a wonderful technique for archaeological context! Congrats Jonathan!

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