Landscape Special Interest Group July (am) 2016

In this session we looked at modifying viewports, 3D textures, and creating callouts that use a database and legend. A large part of the session was not recorded because Jonathan mistakenly forgot to restart the recording at on point. The resulting movie is very short.

Topics Covered:
  • 00:30 where should you place keynotes, on the design layer or in the annotation part of the viewport. What are the advantages of each method. We used a duplicate of a viewport and edited the crop of the the viewport to use as an example.
  • 02:20 Section viewport indicators, how to control which viewport they appear in and how to control the length of the section line.
  • 06:43 looking at a garden viewport and discussing how different the 3D Modeling is.
  • 07:10 showing the resulting keynotes on the sheet layer, with keynotes linked to a legend.

Landscape July 2016 am
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