• Interactive Workshops June 2018 – Site Modifiers

    Modifying sites is a fundamental part of landscape and architectural design. It is one of the most common questions that I get asked about site modeling. We will look at the details of site modifying, starting with the basic concept of site modifying.

  • Vectorworks Tips 455 – Controlling the Elevation of a Massing Model

    You can control the elevation of a massing model by setting the Z value in the Object Info palette. You can also use the Send to Surface command. When you use Send to Surface command, Vectorworks will send the insertion point of your massing model to sit on the site…

  • Landscape Special Interest Group April 2018 PM

    In this session, we covered a strategy for using Vectorworks on the go, showed how to place a building at the right elevation on a site model, reviewed how to use site modifiers and went over steps for taking care of site modifier errors.

  • Landscape Special Interest Group April 2018 AM

    In this session, we reviewed the primary site modifiers—Contour, Pad, Grade Limits, and Pad with Retaining Edge—discussed changing the User Origin and working with external reference points, showed how to place fences on the surface of a site model, and turned a sketch into an Image Prop for a conceptual…

  • Landscape Special Interest Group February 2018 am

    In this session, we covered how to prevent plants from rising to the surface of a site model, options for creating flat surfaces in landscapes, and options for vehicle turning circles.

  • Landscape Special Interest Group November 2017 am

    In this session, we briefly looked at counting impermeable surfaces, showed how to work with stepped site modifiers on a site model, and created a fence with columns instead of posts.

  • Landscape Special Interest Group June 2017 am

    In this session, we looked at using 3D modeling to make various types of masonry blocks, how to make various arrays, and how to change their texture and color.

  • Architect Special Interest Group May 2017 (pm)

    In this session, we looked at three main topics. We looked at how to create a car park area that slopes in two directions, we looked at creating a building project that does not use stories, and we looked at how to control the graphics of wall components.