Landmark_SIG_019 Special Interest Group January 2013

Like the other session this month, this session focused on creating and storing plants. this session also had time to look at storing plants in the default content and in the Resource Browser.

Topics Covered:

  • setting up a guide to draw a plant
  • using the Freehand tool to draw a plant
  • editing polylines with the Reshape tool
  • smoothing a ploygon using Ploy Smoothing
  • Duplicating in-place
  • adding graphics to the plant, plant Color Fill
  • Adding a dotted canopy above to the plant using a new class
  • adding plant data
  • what part of the plant object controls the mass plant shape
  • Creating the plant
  • add the plant data
  • editing the plant definition
  • plant shadows
  • editing the placement and number of plants after placement using the Reshape tool
  • change the look of plants by changing class visibility
  • editing the look of the Mass Planting, by editing the plant graphics
  • how the plant graphics affects the speed of planting on the screen
  • setting up layers to store the plant library
  • creating folders for storing plant symbols
  • moving plant symbols into symbol folders
  • using plants from the Resource Browser
  • exporting plants to your library
  • storing plants in Default Content
  • controlling Default Content

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