Landmark_SIG_009 Special Interest Group August 2012

This is the movie from the second session Landmark Special Interest Group, August 2012. We are looking at starting a template file and simple drawing techniques.

Topics covered:

  • Print Setup
  • Grid settings
  • Snap settings
  • Creating Layers
  • Custom Dimension standard
  • Text Styles connected to dimension standard
  • Edit the Marker List
  • Creating a Dimension standard for plans and site plans
  • Dual Dimensions, primary dimensions and secondary dimensions
  • Saving a Template file.
  • Editing a Template file
  • Saving tool preferences.
  • Eyedropper tool
  • Using the Eyedropper to set tool preferences.
  • Object from Polyline…
  • Drawing a part with the Double Line Polygon tool.
  • Reshape tool to edit polygons.
  • Using Guides to set up the design
  • Polygon tool to draw paths
  • Editing polygons with the Reshape tool.
  • Deleting multiple vertices with the reshape tool

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  1. Hi Jonathan, how would you find the surface area of the path you made, if it was on a site model? For example if the site was undulating and I wanted to lay grass protection mesh to form the path how would I get the actual area and not the projected area.

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