• Vectorworks Building Information Modeling (Landmark) 2018

    We are pleased to announce that the new landmark course for Vectorworks 2018 is finally complete. I know this has taken longer than most people expected. The course has been completely redesigned from the ground up and it now follows the structure of the two-day Landmark BIM because that has…

  • How Well Do You Know Vectorworks?

    I get a lot of questions from users about my web sites. They want to know if they should join my subscription web site, or whether they should complete one of my courses first.

  • Vectorworks Tip #211 – What is a Plant?

    A plant in Vectorworks is a special object that has a plan representation, a model (or 3D) representation, and plant data. All these parts are bound together inside the object called a plant. When you place a plant, Vectorworks places all of these parts together in the drawing. This allows…

  • Landmark_SIG_024 Special Interest Group April 2013

    This  recording was from the morning session for the Landmark special interest group.  Most of the session focused on textures, image props, and finding or importing better models. In particular the attendees wanted to know how I had created the ivy on the back wall of this movie.

  • Landmark_SIG_022 Special Interest Group March 2013

    The consensus for today’s special-interest group was to look at Renderworks styles and lighting. Renderworks styles were introduced in Vectorworks 2012 and they allow you to create a rendering style with lighting options, quality options, and background options, and then save those settings. If you store the Renderworks style in…

  • Landmark_SIG_021 Special Interest Group February 2013

    This session looked again at storing and organizing the plant library. One suggestion was to use separate files to store the plants in  so that the plants would be grouped together by the type of use.

  • Landmark_SIG_019 Special Interest Group January 2013

    Like the other session this month, this session focused on creating and storing plants. this session also had time to look at storing plants in the default content and in the Resource Browser.

  • Landmark_SIG_017 Special Interest Group December 2012

    This is the last  landmark special interest group session for 2012. It gives us the opportunity to wrap up anything that’s outstanding for the subscribers this year.  A consistent theme for the Landmark special interest groups this month has been planting. Vectorworks 2013 has a new dialog box for creating…