Landmark_SIG_017 Special Interest Group December 2012

This is the last  landmark special interest group session for 2012. It gives us the opportunity to wrap up anything that’s outstanding for the subscribers this year.  A consistent theme for the Landmark special interest groups this month has been planting. Vectorworks 2013 has a new dialog box for creating your plants and the new concept for the definition and the settings for each plant.

So for the second session this month we were looking at planting. It’s so important to understand how to create and edit your plants to get a consistent design style for your landscape work. This has to do with creating the plants correctly. If you understand how plants are made, how the  definition and plant settings dialog boxes work with the plants, then you can create a set of standardized plants that will speed up your landscape work. File to understand these concepts and your plumping will be awkward, the plant appearance inconsistent, and you will suffer frustration.
Topics covered:

  • Place Plant tool
  • editing a plant that is already created
  • taking the plants already existing and modifying it
  • edit definition dialog box
  • how the plant settings box relates to the plant definition dialog box
  • counting plants with two different sizes
  • editing plant graphics
  • how the stacking order affects the appearance of the plant
  • using the freehand tool to draw your plant
  • using the polygon tool to draw your plant
  • when to use landscape areas for planting and and when to use plants
  • how plants and landscape areas appear on the planting list
  • using the landscape area to create a plant mix
  • create similar object to speed up your drawing process
  • the plant database is usually stored in your user folder
  • where the user folder is on the Windows machine
  • how to find the user folder on a Macintosh
  • saving a file to the correct location in user folder
  • how to add plants to the defaults content
  • how to find a plant from the list of default plants

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  1. helpful exercise even though plant discussions are about sub-tropical plants that we wouldn’t use in most parts of Canada. The method would be similar for our types of plants.

  2. Hi Jonathan
    Hope you had a good christmas & that the new year will be good to you.
    Can you do something in a webinar about the transition from 2d to 3d with something about how you get your shiny new VW model to sit on a site plan, how the cut & fill calcs work, etc
    Andy Berry

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