Landmark_SIG_021 Special Interest Group February 2013

This session looked again at storing and organizing the plant library. One suggestion was to use separate files to store the plants in  so that the plants would be grouped together by the type of use.

For example, you might have a file related to a tropical resort. In this file you would store all the plants that relate to that kind of development. You might have another file for drought tolerant planting. This would allow you to have the files stored in your user folder but also as favorites in your resource browser. This would give you the best of both worlds, the ability to find the plants in the default content but also the ability to quickly find the plants in the resource browser.
Topics covered:

  • organizing your plant library and to different files
  • storing your plant library in the user folder
  • adding plant files to the resource browser
  • accessing plants from the toolbar pop-up menu
  •  exporting multiple plants from the resource browser to your plant library
  •  accessing plants from the default content
  •  changing the location of your user folder in
  • backing up your user folder on a Windows machine
  •  creating a backup system on a Windows machine
  •  existing tree tool
  • ozcad resources for Aust. and NZ

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