Landmark_SIG_022 Special Interest Group March 2013

The consensus for today’s special-interest group was to look at Renderworks styles and lighting. Renderworks styles were introduced in Vectorworks 2012 and they allow you to create a rendering style with lighting options, quality options, and background options, and then save those settings. If you store the Renderworks style in your library, you will be able to access the style in every file.

Topics covered:

  • solar study
  • custom Renderworks options
  • editing Custom Renderworks options
  • using a Renderworks style
  • Creating a Renderworks style
  • editing the Renderworks style options
  • using the Renderworks camera
  • Fine tuning the Renderworks camera
  • using the Renderworks camera to create a viewport.
  • editing the viewport to update the camera
  • duplicating viewports
  • applying Renderworks styles to viewports
  • editing a Renderworks Style
  • environmental lighting
  • physical sky
  • heliodon tool
  • editing the physical sky
  • editing lights assigned to viewports

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