• Landmark_SIG_035 Special Interest Group September 2013

    In the session we looked at dimension standards and site modifiers. In particular the attendees want to look at the differences between existing and proposed terrain.  Dimension standards are useful because they can control the look of your dimensions, giving you just the look that you require while site modifiers…

  • Document Set up – Part 5

    Creating Custom Dimension Standards – Custom dimension styles can be used instead of the standard dimensions. This allows you to create a dimension style that you like.

  • Annotation – Part 13

    Creating Your Own Dimension Standard – Creating your own dimension standard allows you set up a dimension standard that suits your company. You might like longer lines, heavier lines and so on.

  • Annotation – Part 12

    Changing the Dimension Standard – VectorWorks comes with several built in standards to choose from. To change the dimension standard (the look and feel of the dimension).

  • Annotation – Part 11

    Moving Dimension Lines – Dimensions can be modified easily, to move the position of a dimension line, to change its location in relation to the drawing, and to change the dimension text relative to the dimension lines.

  • Annotation – Part 9

    Circular Dimensions – Dimensions for circles and arcs.

  • Annotation – Part 8

    Unconstrained Dimensions – Dimensions at any angle.

  • Annotation – Part 7

    Constrained Dimensions – Dimensions that are orthoginal on the page.

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