• Getting Started Special Interest Group July 2017

    In this session, we looked at how the Basic Tool set can help you to enhance your elevations and discussed how to use the Clip Cube to focus on a particular part of your project.

  • epodcast202 – Nudge Tips

    Nudge is where you move objects a small amount using the shift+arrow keys. It can be useful, but watch out if you need to measure the objects. There are also Vectorworks Preferences that control the nudging. In this extended podcast I explain all the options.

  • epodcast199 – Create Similar Object

    When you are creating your projects, you often want to create more objects like to ones you already have. You could copy an paste an object, but then you have to move it and edit it. The Create Similar Object command sets the same tool, class, and tool settings as…

  • epodcast197 – Select Similar Tool

    I use this tool a lot to select a group of things that are similar. You can define how similar they are. They could be the same class, the came object type, or a combination of these. You can save your favorite settings so that you can recall them easily.

  • Getting Started Special Interest Group October 2016

    In this session we looked at using basic tools to create a drawing showing a plan, front elevation, and side elevation of an object. The purpose was to show that different options  that you have for simple problems.

  • Why You Should Draw In 3D, Using BIM

    Why draw in 3D (BIM)? I often hear people say that I will learn the 2D first and then I’ll think about the 3D. The reality is that if you start by learning to use Buildling Information Modeling, as you build your models, you will also be creating your drawings….

  • Vectorworks Tip 357 – Moving Associative Dimensions

      A couple of my clients have complained about the Associative Dimensioning in Vectorworks. I never seem to have trouble with associative dimensions or with moving them. But then again, I have been using Vectorworks so long that I can sometimes forget what it is like for others that are…

  • Vectorworks Tip 355 – Copy Viewport Attibutes

    If you choose the appropriate settings with the eyedropper tool, you can copy the viewport attributes from one viewport to another. This includes copying layer and class visibility is, render settings, et cetera.  

  • Vectorworks Tip 351 – Eye Dropper – Copy Graphic styles

    The eye dropper tool is used to pick up the attributes of one object and put those attributes down on one or more other objects. You can pick up the graphic attributes by setting the options to pick up the graphics.

  • Vectorworks Tip 347 – Align and Distribute From the Contextual Menu

    This commnad allows you to select objects and line them up based on thier location, but this command uses the selected objects as the controlling obejct, the other object will line with the object that you right-click on.

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