Getting Started Special Interest Group October 2016

In this session we looked at using basic tools to create a drawing showing a plan, front elevation, and side elevation of an object. The purpose was to show that different options  that you have for simple problems.

Topics covered:

  • 01:02    page setup
  • 02:00    snaps and the snapping palette
  • 07:27    creating rectangles
  • 07:47    edting rectangel size on the Object Info palette
  • 08:18    moving one rectangle to line up with another
  • 10:55    changing the attributes of a rectangle
  • 14:17   placing a circle accurately
  • 17:11    mirror tool
  • 19:11    using smartcursor to draw front elevation from the plan
  • 24:36    using fillet tool to create the welds in the elevation
  • 26:43    explaining the concept of Add Surface to join objects together
  • 27:41    using the wall tool in the rectangel mode
  • 28:13   using trim tool on walls
  • 30:45   using the offset tool to complete the elevations
  • 32:29   using the smart cursor to accurately draw the right elevation
  • 41:35    placing dimensions
  • 46:45    setting the layer scale to draw a building or object and looking at options for placing dimensions on the design layer or viewport annotation.

Getting Started October 2016 am
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