• Vectorworks Tips 459 – Class Filters

    Vectorworks 2019 has a new technique for controlling long lists of classes. You can now filter the list based on the names, visibility, or tags that you have assigned to the classes. Filters are managed through the Organization dialog box or the Navigation palette.  

  • Interactive Workshops April 2018 – Putting a Project Together

    In the past, we have looked at Design Layers, Classes, Viewports, Sheet Layers, and other organizing concepts. The purpose of this manual is to look at how to bring all of these together to work on a large project. We will be looking in detail at some of these concepts to…

  • Architect Special Interest Group December 2017 (pm)

      In this session, we looked at the function of stories and levels compared with design layers, as well as how to easily create elevations.

  • Getting Started Special Interest Group April 2017

    In this session, we looked at a landscape plan that included plans and 3D views. We looked in detail at how we could create the drawing, how we should use design layers and classes, and how these relate to landscape drawings, creating a site model, and detailing.

  • 1704_01 – Creating Drawings For A Building Project – Beginner Topics

    The basic concepts include understanding design layers and classes and when to use a layer or a class. We will also look at using viewports to create drawings. The basic concepts assume that all the work has been done for us and that all we have to do is to…

  • cadmovie_1607-03 – From 2D To BIM – Part 3

     Setting Up The Layers – As we are going to create a 3D drawing it will be substantially easier if we create and set up our layers correctly for this project. This is one area where some users think that Vectorworks is too complex. If you find this area complex, then…

  • Vectorworks Tip 298 – Quickly Changing The Active Layer

    There is no image for this, I didn’t think you need one. To quickly change the active layer, hold down the ctrl key (Windows) or the command key (Macintosh), then use the up/down arrow keys to change to the next active layer. I find that this is a really quick…

  • Architect_064 Architect Special Interest Group February 2015 (pm)

    Vectorworks 2015 has the ability to tightly control the the settings for walls and slabs by using Stories and Levels. This does require care planning and setting up in the Stories dialog box and in the wall and slab style dialog boxes. This session looks in detail at setting up…

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