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Space Objects And Room Finish Schedule

Space Objects

Space objects are a powerful part of Vectorworks and they are an important conceptual model of BIM (Building Information Modeling). The space objects are not just  a 2D or 3D object, they also carry information about the room name, the required area, the volume, finishing information, etc. Spaces in Vectorworks are classified as special objects and they are very useful. Unfortunately, they are only available if you have Vectorworks
Architect or Designer. If you have Vectorworks Landmark, you will not be able to use spaces.

The space object can be used to create a quick conceptual model. When you do this, you can input the client’s required room sizes and create a report showing these sizes along with the actual size from your conceptual model. This allows you to show that your design complies with the client’s requirements. If you were creating a large-scale Office Park, you could use spaces to represent each building. The spaces would carry the area, height, and cost. This would allow you to create a report showing the information you wanted.

Spaces could be used to create a conceptual model that will be the basis of a 3D form study. This allows you to check the form of the building, how the building relates to its context, and it allows you to create solar studies. Several of my clients use a solar study to improve their designs.

Space Objects

Space Object Preferences

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Updated on September 20, 2021

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