Productivity Techniques

Vectorworks is extremely powerful when you use it correctly. There are many, many productivity techniques you can use to make Vectorworks faster. But it’s not just about customizing Vectorworks, there are many basic techniques that will make you faster.  I believe that these are the tools and techniques that you need to learn. If you learn these tools and techniques you will find that it’s not just more productive to use Vectorworks, you will also find it’s more fun.

Drawing Techniques

Draw With Objects

If you draw with objects (rectangles, polygons circles and so on) you will be quicker.

Create a Template

A template file is a starter file. It is the file you use to get started on a project. Ideally, your template file would include standard layers, classes and some common symbols like your title block. It should be setup with the correct page, and it might even have common sheet layers and viewports already in place.

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Updated on September 20, 2021

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