If you are working on a refurbishment project, should you model the building, or just draw the building using really simple objects. You should really use walls, because then you can easily add doors and windows. This workshop will show you techniques for working with refurbishment projects. You will find the newer versions of Vectorworks have more abilities when dealing with complex walls. 

Drawing a Refurbishment Project

One of the challenges with refurbishment work is drawing up the existing building. Sometimes you can find drawings of the existing plan, but often, the buildings have been modified and do not reflect the drawings. Sometimes, particularly old buildings, they have has so many changes, there are no drawings for the buildings. You will have to measure the up the existing building. Even if you have existing drawings, you should measure the building to make sure that it has been built to match the drawings. 

Find any information you can about the old plans. 

Existing Ground Floor Plan

Existing Upper Floor


You need to have this information before you can start to draw the building or set up the file. Once you have this information, you can set up the layers for the building, then you can draw the existing walls and roofs, then you can draw the proposed walls and create the demolished walls. 

This project has different parts of the house at elevations, whic can be tricky when using stories. This project will be better if it uses layers to control the elevations of the objects rather than stories. I know this can be a challenge if you have created a library using stories.   

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Updated on June 22, 2022

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