1. Is there a reason Property Line on a Site Model Video is not functioning? (Arrow with slash through it.) I am logged in and can view the other videos which were extremely helpful. My property follow a lake edge on one side and a curved road on the other, the other 2 sides are linear.

    1. the movie plays on my desktop google chrome browser, but not on my iPhone. I’ll see what I can do with it.

      1. I confirm “Property Line on a Site Model” videos keep stopping. I’ve tried Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Brave in my desktop and macbook pro, in all these browser the video keep getting stuck. All the other videos play fine

        1. I have looked at both of the movies and both played for me. I will have a look at the movie in more detail as soon as I can.

          1. I have remade the movie for Property Line on a Site Model 1. I hope this fixes the problem.

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