Landmark Special Interest Group October 2019

In this session, we covered how setting up site modifiers on the design layer with the nearest elevation can make calculating elevations easier, demonstrated resolving site modifier conflicts, showed how to use multiple view panes to make using Vectorworks easier, went over how to save the setup for your multiple view pane preference to your template file, and used Animation Path to create a flyover across our site.  

Topics Covered:

  • 00:11    We started the session by setting up the Site Model so that it was sitting at zero and used real-world elevations. Next, we wanted to build a walkway along the back of the house. As the walkway’s elevation was nearly the same as our Floor 1 elevation, we decided to place the site modifiers for the walkway on the Floor 1 design layer, instead of on the Site Model design layer. It made the calculations much easier to think of them in relation to Floor 1.
  • 08:23    Putting in the walkway generated some site modifier warnings. We showed how to resolve these. For example, with our new walkway, we no longer needed an overlapping contour line that was conflicting with the walkway. The site modifiers do not need to be on the same layer as the Site Model, as long as your Site Model settings are set up that way. The drawback to placing your site modifiers on the design layer that they’re closest to is that you might forget the layer that your site modifiers are on.
  • 12:20    We demonstrated how, using two view panes, we could place plants in one view pane in 2D, while immediately seeing what the effect was in the other pane in 3D. Try to limit site modifiers to one or two layers so that you don’t forget where they are, resulting in additional conflicts with other site modifiers.
  • 18:10    Next, we showed how easy it is to add a site modifier that’s a contour line linked to a specific elevation. The contour wasn’t working—and we discovered that we had fallen into the exact trap that we had been warning about: In our Site Model settings, we had selected to use site modifiers on a Custom Set of Layers, but then we had only chosen our Floor-1 design layer, and not included our Site Model design layer. This trap is so easy to fall into! After that change, the contour worked fine.
  • 22:26    We reviewed how to take the default setup for multiple view panes that Vectorworks gives you, change it into what you prefer, and then save that as the default in your template files—which saves you several steps and a great deal of frustration every time you open a new file!
  • 28:39    We finished the session by going step by step through how to create a flyover for your site using an Animation Path. It is very quick to do!

Landmark October 2019

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