Architect Special Interest Group October 2019

In this session, we created a custom handrail, as well as a U-shaped stair and a circular stair, discussed workarounds for a tricky corner window, showed how to import and export IFC or Revit models, and demonstrated how to make a flyover movie using an Animation Path.

Topics Covered:

00:09    We wanted to use the Custom Stair and knew that we could use the Extrude Along Path command to get a handrail, but the challenge was how to get the handrail that we really wanted. The Railing/Fence tool is good as long as your railing is going straight. The 3D Mode can be helpful, but every time you click, it makes a break in the railing. We drew the railway that we wanted in 2D, and then changed it to a NURBS curve, which gave us points to click on in 3D. When the software does so much for us, we often expect it to do everything—but there are many details in our models that we need to adjust or add ourselves. It is always helpful to break a problem up into chunks that are easier to handle. We went over how to make a U-shaped stair and a circular stair.

20:10    Someone needed a window that wrapped around a corner, but rather than being Vectorwork’s version of a corner window—where the glass is meeting at the corner—this window had a corner post and a sill that wrapped around. The real world treats this as one window, but Vectorworks treats it as two windows. We tried different ways to solve the problems that popped up because of philosophy. We discussed various workarounds for window challenges.

48:45    We looked at importing an IFC model. Although it was rough in plan view, the 3D model looked great! Other helpful tools for working with engineers and other construction professionals are the Import Revit and Export Revit commands.

52:02    We finished the session by going over how to make a flyover movie using an Animation Path, including how to add Keyframes and play with the speed to smooth out the movement of the camera. You can also adjust where the camera is looking and use different speeds throughout the movie!

Architect October 2019

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