Architect Special Interest Group September 2019

In this session, we worked out how to cut a profile into the edge of a slab, made a wall that went up at a slope before returning to vertical, showed how to manage stories when one floor is only 2 feet below another, demonstrated how to add profiles onto the ends of rafters and beams, and covered how to copy objects along a curve

Topics Covered:

  • 00:16    We started the session by demonstrating how to cut a piece from the edge of a slab by drawing the profile with a polygon on the edge in a 3D view and using the Subtract 3D Object From Slab command. Next, the challenge was to create a wall that went up at a 45-degree angle for 6 inches before going vertical. We first tried using a roof object (because roofs have a slope setting), but then switched to modeling the piece with an extrude. We turned it into a hybrid so that it would look solid and placed a wall object on top.
  • 11:57    Opening up a file with stories, we discussed how to set up stories for three floors, where there was only a difference of 2 feet between two of the floors. We demonstrated one way of handling this. We also showed how to select a wall and change the cladding options without affecting the other walls—in our case, we had an exception where we didn’t want the cladding on one side of our building to cover the slab. We also how to join walls on different levels—we manually changed the Component Top and Component Bottom wall style settings from Relative to Story to Relative to Wall and changed the Top Offset or Bottom Offset, depending on what we needed. We showed how the Clip Cube can make working on a smaller part of your project quick and easy! I like to add my new story components to the Default Story Levels so that I can easily reuse them on other stories, even if I need to change their level on the new story. 39:36    We talked about creating rafter tails by using something like Andrea Facchinello’s custom beam plug-in. We covered how we could create a symbol to add on the end of a rafter so that it would have the profile that we wanted because Vectorworks won’t do that. We finished by demonstrating how to copy objects along a curve.

Architect September 2019

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