Landmark_SIG_012 Special Interest Group October 2012

This is the movie from the morning session of the landmark special interest group. We looked at starting a project from the beginning by importing a DXF/DWG file. We looked at the options for importing this type of file and then we created the other layers that we needed, and then we created plants.

Topics Covered:

  • DWF Files
  • DXF/DWG files
  • DXF/DWG import options
  • checking the scale and size of important files
  • creating layers for your landscape work
  • creating plants with Vectorworks 2013
  • looking at the new dialog box for plant definitions and Vectorworks 2013
  • plant database and Vectorworks 2013
  • creating large area of plants with the plant tool
  • using the landscape area tool for large areas of planting
  • editing the plant definition for different size plants
  • Plant counting
  • Plant counting with images in a worksheet

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