Landmark Special Interest Group April 2019

In this session, we looked at making an accessible part through a site and we looked at constructing a curved retaining wall.

Topics Covered: 

  • 00:07    We started by looking at some methods for creating landscape berms. A bit of experimentation showed that making an extrusion, modeling a Subdivision shape, or using the points of the Subdivision shape to add contours to the site model might produce the desired effect—the contours achieved the best results. We reviewed some aspects of site modeling. For example, if you’ve added contours to a site, the contours might have too many points. You can use the Simplify Polys command, or even select and delete extra points with the Reshape tool. 
  • 08:13    Someone needed to create a meandering footpath for a project. We demonstrated how using the Ramp tool allows you to define the needed ramp and landing elevations. One trick that I like to use is duplicating the ramp and landing surfaces with the Extract tool and adding the surfaces to the Site-DTM class, which turns them into site modifiers. Using Hardscape or Roadway objects allows you to modify the site while setting a slope and thickness. We went through the steps for making curving surfaces. We offset the shapes to create the Grade Limits. 
  • 35:41    We used the Round Wall tool to create a landscape wall—but then we remembered that we actually wanted to use the Landscape Wall tool, which we found in Legacy Tools. This wall tool allows you to set a site modifier at the bottom of one side and at the top of the other side. I tend to just use two site contours to create this type of landscape effect. We went through the steps for creating a retaining area using this method. There is also the Retaining Wall site modifier—although I find that’s its rather complicated to use! 

Landscape April 2019

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