BIM_SIG_048 Architect Special Interest Group June 2014 (pm)

2014-09-23_14-32-46In this session we looked at a complex 3D modelling problem of a skate park, we looked at creating section viewports, we looked at using section viewports to create internal room elevations, how to add annotations to these elevations and how to create symbols that would assist with the room elevations.

Topics covered:
3D Modelling

  • add solid
  • fillet edge tool
  • drawing planar objects
  • convert to NURBS
  • loft surface tool
  • draw cross sections through the object and use them to create the object using the loft surface tool

Creating Room Elevations

  • draw the plan
  • create plan viewport
  • set up the page
  • change the scale of the viewport
  • clip tool to crop viewport
  • edit crop with offset tool
  • Create Section Viewport
  • Advanced Section Properties
  • can’t drag a copy to create a new section viewport, you have to create a new section viewport
  • changing section line indicators to elevation style
  • section line instances control where section line indicators appear
  • duplicating the section line indicator duplicates the section on the sheet layer
  • moving the section line indicator to adjust the sections
  • editing the section numbers
  • using the floating datum for controlling walls
  • adding fixtures and fittings
  • editing classes on section viewports
  • new class visibility settings
  • inserting and editing a base cabinet
  • updating the viewports (internal elevations)
  • using symbols in annotations to add information to the elevations
  • adding tiles to the walls using hatching in viewports
  • Section Faded Style for object beyond the section plane
  • simple elevation symbols that make it easy to complete the sections

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