BIM_SIG_040 Architect Special Interest Group February 2014 (pm)

Classes are very useful for setting up drawings. This session looked at techniques for using classes. Should we start the drawing with everything on the None class and then gradually add classes?

Topics covered:

  • editing the crop area of a viewport
  • using classes in drawings
  • controlling classes in the drawings
  • drawing objects on the wrong class
  • use at creation to control if the class controls the graphic attributes of the class
  • create dimensions in the dimension class
  • classes are automatically created when importing symbols
  • some objects use the class fro visibility, some objects use the same class for the graphic style
  • using classes inside symbols
  • using saved views to turn classes on and off
  • editing the saved view for new classes
  • custom tool/attribute command

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  1. Question- when you changed the graphic attributes of the electrical symbols to red, does that make all future versions of that symbol red? I’ve found that to happen even though I wanted to modify just one incidence of that symbol.

    1. When you edit one instance of the symbol, it updates all instances of that symbol. You have to use another symbol (like a duplicate) of you can convert the symbol to a group and then edit it. This has a danger if you have a worksheet that counts the symbols, it won’t count the symbol that you converted to a group (because it is no longer a symbol).

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