Landmark_SIG_043 Special Interest Group January (pm) 2014

In this session we looked at a large landscape area and how to deal with it. This means looking at layers and classes and how these should be used.

Topics Covered:

  • Breaking up large landscape projects to make them more manageable by using classes and layers
  • Classes
  • 3 rules for classes: visibility, graphic control or reporting
  • Layers
  • layers are like containers (can contain several classes) = generally easier to divide large projects into layers and then use classes within them
  • creating layers
  • Plantings
  • inserting plants in different layers
  • custom spacing for plants
  • Align / Distribute command (for leader lines)
  • using Rotate View command to make many following tasks easier / correct, e.g. hardscape tool (flagstone texture)
  • Smart Edge tool & T key
  • Reshape Tool & Move Edges Parallel command
  • Planting with Polygons (Rectangular Array Mode)
  • Clip Tool (Exclusion Mode) to trim parts of existing plantings
  • Add Surface command
  • Worksheets
  • Delete existing worksheets that are no longer needed
  • Worksheets: create a Plant List-Basic using the Schedule command
  • Amend settings of worksheet (plant list) to our requirements
  • Duplicate worksheet (plant list) and adjust
  • Viewports
  • Add Reference Crop Object
  • Create Guides
  • Text Along Path command
  • Curved and 3D text, various options
  • Edit path (of text along path), reverse direction, text Above Path
  • Poly Smoothing: Bezier Spline Smoothing

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