BIM_SIG_024 Special Interest Group June 2013

In this session the users wanted to look at inserting windows in a round wall. This was an issue that I saw on a user forum. In this session we looked at the Vectorworks window briefly but spend most of the time looking at a custom window.

Topics covered:

  • place in a large window in a curved wall
  • editing  snaps
  • drawing lines
  • rotating and duplicating with the rotate tool
  • using the double polygon tool to draw the sill
  •  drawing the jambs  using rotated rectangles
  •  using the Smart Edge to mirror objects using the bisecting angle
  • using the planar objects to create a 3-D window
  • using the rotate tool to duplicate and rotate objects
  • creating a symbol from the 3-D window
  •  editing the 3-D symbol to change the wall hole component
  • inserting the symbol and around wall
  • editing the window insertion point to line the jambs up with the edge of the curved wall
  • rebuilding the window by editing the symbol
  • inserting four symbols to line up in the curved wall
  • using window wall (curved)
  • inserting window wall into a curved wall
  • creating a corner window by drawing the 3-D window with a small stub wall above and below the window
  • editing the wall to add steps, using fit walls to roof (fit walls to objects)
  • creating a symbol and using the symbol with standard Vectorworks window object

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