• Architect Special Interest Group March 2019

    In this webinar we looked at how to deal with difficult wall thickening and an awkward chamfered corner between walls with different thicknesses. Then we looked at inserting objects in walls. The problem was two windows with a thin mullion between, which lead on to looking at to insert objects…

  • SST_1711 – Door and Window Styles

    Object styles are a powerful technique for controlling objects. On one end of the object style spectrum, you have plug-in objects, which are individual and flexible; on the other end, you have symbols, which are fixed—when you edit one, they all update. Object styles can be anything in between a plug-in…

  • Architect Special Interest Group July 2017 (am)

    In this session, we covered how to transfer Vectorworks resources from one computer to another, clarified several points from last month regarding the Callout Tool, discussed how settings work together to create complicated objects in WinDoor, and answered numerous questions regarding windows.

  • Architect_065 Architect Special Interest Group March 2015 (am)

    In this session we looked at note databases and how they work with the Callout tool. This includes how to place a callout, how the callout can get the text form a database, how to place the callout as a keynote and how to connect the callout to a legend….

  • Architect_062 Architect Special Interest Group January 2015 (pm)

    In this session we looked at setting up Design Layers, Levels, and Stories. There is always some choice about the elevation of Design Layers. The setting out of the Design Layers can be related to the top of the slab, and I usually set the elevation of the top of the ground floor…

  • Restrictor Stays Needed on Awning Windows

    Here is a classic case where an awning window has been installed without restrictor stays. This window is in a motel and it opens out into a public walkway.

  • BIM_SIG_029 Special Interest Group September 2013

    In the session the users want to lock at the options to create muntins (glazing bars) on Windows. Vectorworks has several options for creating these sorts of glazing bars, but these options might not suit your design style. We also looked at what you can do to create the glazing…

  • BIM_SIG_024 Special Interest Group June 2013

    In this session the users wanted to look at inserting windows in a round wall. This was an issue that I saw on a user forum. In this session we looked at the Vectorworks window briefly but spend most of the time looking at a custom window.