BIM_SIG_029 Special Interest Group September 2013

In the session the users want to lock at the options to create muntins (glazing bars) on Windows. Vectorworks has several options for creating these sorts of glazing bars, but these options might not suit your design style. We also looked at what you can do to create the glazing bars manually.

Topics Covered:

  • understanding window terminology
  • window settings dialog box
  • custom sash settings
  • assigning window operations to custom  sashes
  • changing the height and width of custom  sashes
  • adding glazing bars to Windows
  • changing units from metric to imperial
  • glazing bar options
  • how to edit the window if the window settings dialog box does not give you the options you want
  • adding the glazing bars manually to the window, then creating a symbol from the window and glazing bars
  • adding Windows one above the other two a high wall
  • how to use the clerestory option on Windows to make the high level windows not appear in the plan

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