• Landmark Special Interest Group May 2020

    In this session, we covered more about fences and railings, showed how converting objects to symbols or Auto Hybrids can help achieve the look that you want for your site—knowing a few tricks can get you a long way!

  • SST_1807 – Creating And Managing Details

    [image] For any construction project, details are an important part of the drawing set. It can take a long time to fully detail a project, so let’s look at how to draw a detail and some strategies for speeding up the drawings. We will look at importing details, applying the…

  • Getting Started Special Interest Group April 2018

    In this session, we looked at what to watch out for when creating symbols, how adding a 2D locus to a repeatable symbol helps in lining up copies of the symbol, and how the Render Bitmap tool can help in creating the 2D component of a symbol. This is a…

  • Architect Special Interest Group February 2018 (pm)

    In this session, we reviewed whether to put information on a design layer, class, or sheet layer as we discussed how to set up a helpful file template.

  • Getting Started Special Interest Group February 2018

      In this session, we looked at some basic concepts in 3D modeling, covered how to speed things up with the numeric keypad and other key combinations, discussed the floating datum and texture mapping, and showed how to turn a 3D object into a symbol.

  • Vectorworks Tips 453 – Workflows – Creating Symbols For Efficiency

    Most users are able to create symbols, and all users should be able to use symbols. Symbols are relatively small repeatable objects, and most Vectorworks users use symbols to speed up the drawing process. There are two workflows for using symbols: a quick workflow versus an inefficient workflow. Some users…

  • Landscape Special Interest Group June 2017 am

    In this session, we looked at using 3D modeling to make various types of masonry blocks, how to make various arrays, and how to change their texture and color.

  • Architect Special Interest Group April 2017 (am)

    In this session, we looked at three main topics. We looked at different types of symbols, how to control the graphic style of symbols, and how to create a section viewport that uses two-point perspective.

  • 1703_02 – Record Formats – Intermediate Topics

    In the previous section we looked at the basic concept of the Record Format. In this section will look at using record formats with other objects. Record format is a very powerful when attached to objects, especially symbols.

  • 3D Modeling Special Interest Group – March 2017

    In this session we looked at auto hybrid objects which lead us onto looking at creating downpipes (downspouts) for a project.

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