3D Modeling Special Interest Group – March 2017

In this session we looked at auto hybrid objects which lead us onto looking at creating downpipes (downspouts) for a project.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:48    we started with a new blank file so that there were no classes or other settings that might affect our Auto Hybrid. When you create and extruded object and you change to a Top/Plan view you will notice that this solid objects that used to create your extrusion are no longer solid, they become see-through. The solution for this is to use Auto Hybrid. In order to demonstrate this I created a simple fireplace using simple extruded objects. The auto hybrid will calculate the 2D plan view based on the 3D objects. This saves a lot of effort when creating your plan view. The actual plan view of the auto hybrid depends on the elevation of the cut plane. When you adjust the elevation of this the presentation will change to reflect the shape of your object on the cut plane.
  • 09:53    when you update your auto hybrid three-dimensional information, the auto hybrid will then recalculate the plan representation. So in this part of the movie we looked at how to go back into the model and change it. And then we looked at the changes that would occur to the auto hybrid.
  • 13:06   the plan appearance of the Auto Hybrid can be controlled through classes. If you are going to use classes with your auto hybrid it can be an advantage to have these classes already saved in your Layer and Class Standard. To show this, I imported the classes that I often use with auto hybrids from my standard and use it with the auto hybrid to differentiate between the cut plane, the objects below the cut plane, and the objects above the cut plane. We also looked at the concept of inputting your classes from another file to speed up your drawing work.
  • 30:20   we looked at the challenge of creating downpipes (downspouts) for a project. If you create a 3D object for your downpipes (which is often easy if you use extrude along Path) then you can use the auto hybrid command to create the plan view of your downpipe. But as well as that there is an object that you can get from the Internet (https://andreafacchinello.wordpress.com/) that will create auto hybrid downpipes with bends and with brackets. This is a remarkable little tool and you can get it for free. After you have downloaded from the Internet you have to install it into your Vectorworks and then added to your workspace (which we also covered).

3D Modeling March 2017 am
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