3D Modeling Special Interest Group – September 2016

In this session we looked at what is new in Vectorworks 2017 in relation to 3D modeling, focusing on Subdivision Modeling and Camera Match. Vectorworks 2017 now includes Camera Match and Renderworks. Subdivision Modeling has been substantially improved with the inclusion of some new modes.

Topics covered:

  • 00:57 creating a subdivision object
  • 01:45 contextual menu items crease or smooth all edges
  • 01:58 subdivision modelling mirror mode
  • 07:29 subdivision modeling extrude mode
  • 12:06 converting and extrusion into a subdivision model
  • 13:55 using the subdivision modeling mirror mode to create chairs and seats
  • 21:27 assigning a texture to the subdivision model
  • 27:58 subdivision modeling bridge mode
  • 35:22 camera match
  • 46:55 there is a short sharp manual that already covers camera match, issue 1308

3D Modeling September 2016 am
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