• SST_1809 – Camera Match

    CameraMatch CameraMatch is a huge timesaver. First, CameraMatch saves the time that it would take you to model the existing surroundings. Second, CameraMatch saves you the time it would take to match your current view to a photograph. Many people think that they should only use CameraMatch for large projects….

  • 3D Modeling Special Interest Group – September 2016

    In this session we looked at what is new in Vectorworks 2017 in relation to 3D modeling, focusing on Subdivision Modeling and Camera Match. Vectorworks 2017 now includes Camera Match and Renderworks. Subdivision Modeling has been substantially improved with the inclusion of some new modes.

  • podcast153 – Creating Surface From Curves

    This movie shows you how you can take a curve, convert it into a NURBS and use this to create a concrete structure. Using the rotate and mirror tools you can quickly duplicate the first curve, then mirror the resulting concrete structure to create a series of them. When you…

  • cadmovie941 – Camera Match – Part 8

    Garden Example – Camera Match is ideally suited to landscape work. In this example I will show how you can add planting to an existing garden.

  • cadmovie940 – Camera Match – Part 7

    Updating the Design and Adding Shadows – I believe that you can use Camera Match at an early stage to help you design. When you set up the Camera Match view early, you can use this to see your design in context.

  • cadmovie939 – Camera Match – Part 6

    Masking the Scene – Camera Match has a tool that allows you to mask out areas in the rendered view. This will hide areas of the rendered model and make the photo come to the front.

  • cadmovie938 – Camera Match – Part 5

    Placing the Camera Match Object – After creating a viewport, you can place the Camera Match object and adjust the control lines.

  • cadmovie936 – Camera Match – Part 3

    PlacingĀ  A Reference Object – The Reference Object is used to link the 3D model to the photo. When you place the Reference Object, it has to relate to a position it the photo, so it is crucial that you have suitable location.

  • cadmovie937 – Camera Match – Part 4

    Create a Viewport – Camera Match only works as part viewport. To use camera match you need to create a viewport. But you do not need to worry about the settings on the viewport, camera match will take care of setting up the viewport to match your photograph.

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