BIM_SIG_021 Special Interest Group April 2013

In the session had only one attendee. Lucky for him, he was able to have one-on-one training as part of his subscription. His main area of problem was roofing. So in this session we looked at his roof challenges and how we can cope with them in Vectorworks.

Topics Covered:

  • Creating a roof from walls
  • Creating a new layer from standards
  • Ungrouping a roof (exploding a roof)
  • Editing a roof face using Add Surface and Clip Surface
  • Using the Double Polygon tool and Add Surface to edit a roof face
  • Drawing walls on the roof layer to fit the hole in the roof
  • Fit Walls to Objects, to get the walls to follow the roof
  • Reshaping the bottom of walls to fit the roof to create clerestory walls
  • inserting a window in the clerestory wall
  • Setting the window height to suit the clerestory wall
  • Measuring the height of the window and adjusting the height to suit the wall
  • Fitting walls to the roof
  • Roof editing using roof faces
  • Editing the workspace to make Roof Faces easier
  • Using Move by Points to change the height of Roof Faces
  • Dormer Windows in roofs
  • Converting dormer roofs into roof faces
  • Creating a dormer roof using roof faces
  • Bat roof dormer window
  • Why do I set the roof bearing height from the slab

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