• SST_1305 – Intermediate 3D Modeling

    There are often times where you want to model parts of your design but these parts do not fit easily into the tools you have got. For example, you might need to build an outdoor fireplace, or you might want to put guttering on the edge of your roof, and…

  • Landmark_SIG_027 Special Interest Group May 2013

    This was the second session for the Landmark Special Interest Group. There was only one attendee, so the user was able to guide topics of the session. Of particular interest was site modeling.

  • cadmovie902 – Intermediate 3D Modeling – Part 11

    Extract Tool – This tool is used to extract surfaces, edges, lines and points from existing 3D geometry. This is really used for making a copy from a part or parts of an existing model.  

  • cadmovie900 – Intermediate 3D Modeling – Part 9

    NURBS  – NURBS (Non Uniform Rational B-Splines) are used to create shapes in 3D space. NURBS curves can have corners similar to a polygon, that is, they can have corner vertices or bezier vertices (square corners or curved corners).

  • cadmovie899 – Intermediate 3D Modeling – Part 8

    Shell Solid – The thumbnail of this tool gives the impression that it can be used to hollow out forms only, e.g. vases. But it is really much more than that. This tool can be used to shell out the inside of a model, effectively making a building.

  • cadmovie898 – Intermediate 3D Modeling – Part 7

    Auto Hybrid – This was introduced for Vectorworks 2013. It greatly speeds up the creation of hybrid objects. Prior to this you had to create a symbol with a 2D component and a 3D component in order to create a hybrid object.

  • cadmovie897 – Intermediate 3D Modeling – Part 6

    Extrude Along Path – This command allows you to take a cross section object and pull along a planar or NURBS curve. This makes them ideal for creating objects like handrails and picture frames. You can even use it to generate 3D retaining walls that fit to a site model.

  • cadmovie896 – Intermediate 3D Modeling – Part 5

    Duplicate Along a Path – This isn’t really a 3D command, but it is often used with 3D objects. You use this command to copy planar or 3D objects along a path object.

  • cadmovie895 – Intermediate 3D Modeling – Part 4

    Split Tool – This tool is often overlooked as a 3D modeling tool, but it is extremely useful for cutting your objects in 3D. The angle of your view is important as the split tool cuts perpendicular to the plane of the view.