Landmark_SIG_027 Special Interest Group May 2013

This was the second session for the Landmark Special Interest Group. There was only one attendee, so the user was able to guide topics of the session. Of particular interest was site modeling.

Since the user had recently upgraded to Vectorworks 2013, we started out by looking at the changes to planting in Vectorworks 2013.
Topics covered:

  • x-ray mode (using the B key) to see through  objects.
  • Changes to the plant definition.
  • Custom spacing, height, and spread of plants.
  • Placing plants with custom scaling.
  • Placing plants with automatic random scaling.
  • Using stake objects to edit a site model.
  • Drawing a freehand line and assigning it to the correct class to become a site modifier.
  • Creating a swale.
  • Grade limits to control the changes to the site model.
  • Editing individual vertices on a 3-D polygon.
  • Drawing a planar object and sending it to the surface of the site model.
  • Using this object with Duplicate Along Path and Extrude Along Path.
  • Creating a carpark plan with slopes to a sump.
  • Place in the car park plan with slopes on a site model.
  • Creating sections through the car park plan.

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