SST_1305 – Intermediate 3D Modeling

There are often times where you want to model parts of your design but these parts do not fit easily into the tools you have got. For example, you might need to build an outdoor fireplace, or you might want to put guttering on the edge of your roof, and so on.

For the situations you need to know how to create three-dimensional objects to your own design, especially when they cannot be created with the existing Vectorworks tools. This often requires using some of the more advanced 3D modeling tools.
This manual builds on the early manual Introduction to 3D Modeling from February 2012 (SST_1202). If you are new to 3D modeling please download and read the earlier manual, as it is designed to be an introduction to 3D modeling and it covers some of the basic concepts that you need to know. This manual will not repeat them.
We often talk about Building Information Modeling and the assumption is that we will be building a 3D version of our building. However, there are several objects that you might want to model independently because the standard Vectorworks tools will not create exactly what you require. In the situations you can create your own 3D objects and convert those to IFC objects so that they can be exported as part of the BIM model.
Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Push/Pull Tool
  • – Extrude Face Mode
  • – Move Face Mode
  • – Sub Face Mode
  • Split Tool
  • Duplicate Along a Path
  • Extrude Along a Path
  • Auto Hybrid
  • Shell Solid
  • Project Tool
  • Extract Tool

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Also see: SST_1202 Introduction to 3D Modeling

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