BIM_SIG_020 Special Interest Group April 2013

In this session we started to look at how to control 2D graphics on elevations. This session followed on from the recent epodcast that looked at the ability to use the 2D graphics from the classes to give the elevations hatching it would be live to the 3-D model.

It seems that creating the right graphic style on the elevations is not straightforward. It seems to need quite a lot of  work to get the elevations to the graphic standard we used to expect when the elevations were drawn by hand.
Topics covered:

  • Extract Surface to create planar objects
  • Planar objects to created elevation hatching in 3D
  • Planar objects in rendered viewports.
  • Assigning graphic qualities to wall styles with classes.
  • Rendering type – Unshaded Polygon.
  • Using class overrides to edit the graphic quality assigned to classes.
  • Eyedropper tool to copy class overrides from one viewport to another.
  • Editing the model and updating the elevations.
  • Unshaded Polygons on perspective viewports.
  • Editing Elevation viewports to add graphics with the polygon tool.
  • Create Polygon from inner boundary fails.
  • Using Wall Features to add 3D weatherboards (siding) to the wall.
  • Create Multiple Viewports command for fast elevation creation.
  • 3D modeling to create a curved window.
  • Using Extract surface on Architectural Modeling.
  • Using Extract surface for Extrude along a path.
  • Using Extract surface with Push/Pull tool.

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